Looking for engineer (Port charlotte)

1 1/2yrs, finally settled with insurance with Ian damages. Like many, got shafted nicely.

Since it took so long with insurance, there isn't people really helping with recovery. Screwing me twice now.

FYI, I helped so many right after hurricane. Receiving no compensation and wouldn't of took it anyway. My mom's condo is about 1/2mile from Sanibel Bridge, yeah 8ft ocean surge. And I helped everyone in that area on things I could help with, not just my mom's. Even was on msmbc news while they were filming my mom's devastated area, with my brother even speaking to reporters.

Now I'm looking for help since I finally settled for less than half my damages.

I have a friend who came down due to ian and hasn't left since, still doing stuff very cheap and helping people recover. He is very knowledgeable and handy. Master carpenter for 30 yrs.

So I have someone who could do 3 of my projects, saving me money to put towards the others. Which even saving money with my friend, it's still gonna cost me tons out of pocket.

So my problem lies and help is needed with getting things needed for owner builder permit. One of the 3 things my friend will be doing will most likely require and engineer plan.

So my friend will be doing fence, which requires a survery and plan to scale. He will be doing replacement windows, nothing altered just simply old ones taken out and new ones installed. But a scale plan they are asking for. Last is which this will require most likely an engineer plan design. Since I have to replace my 2 sliders and my friend is a master carpenter, I'm going to enclose my patio and I need a design drawn for that permit.

So I'm not looking for something for free, I took a big hit with insurance and trying to save money having my friend do things he could do. And just need help from a drafting/engineer person to help draw up plans for the 3 projects so I could get this stupid owner/builder permit. At an affordable cost.

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