Fish Rescue in Southern Florida (Naples)

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If you can't care for your pet fish, please, never release them in the wild.

You may consider donating them to Fish Story Public Aquarium and Fish Rescue located in Naples, FL, where we will house them, use them for education, including that of schoolchildren of the Collier County, and find them a new, proper, "for life" owner and home.

Here is our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCeGmoYYJt8egvpvCgAbbJg
And our website: www.fish-story.com

Our usual service / pick up area is Ft. Myers, Naples, Port Charlotte, Tampa, Sarasota, Lakeland, Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Homestead.

Large freshwater fish only. Any freshwater fish that is large or still small / young but will grow large (at least 1'-2'). No salt or brackish water fish. Smaller fish that reach at least 6" may be accepted too depending on tank availability.

The following are some of the fish we actually work with, not "fake keywords to drive Craigslist traffic": South American red tail catfish (SA RTC), Asian RTC (ARTC), tiger shovelnose catfish (TSN), RTC x TSN catfish hybrid, TSN x marbled catfish hybrid, ripsaw or niger catfish, irwini catfish, wyckii catfish, lima shovelnose catfish, sun catfish, marbled catfish, any large South American (Pimelodidae, Doradidae, etc.) or Asian (Pangasiidae, Bagridae) catfish, iridescent shark catfish, paroon shark catfish, synodontis catfish, mystus catfish, pacu, arowana, arapaima, giant gourami, eel, spiny eel, blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, bullhead catfish, white catfish, gar, peacock bass, datnoid, koi, distichodus species, buffalo, mahseer, probarbus, labeo, black shark, calico shark, bala shark, Chinese high fin shark, any large cyprinids and characins, large cichlid, pleco catfish, bichir, knife fish, loach, piranha (legal, such as, red hook, silver dollar), barb, dorado, perch, pike, carp, sturgeon, etc.

Anyone is welcome to bring their fish themselves (if needed, instructions will be provided).

Otherwise, depending on fish desirability, our availability, drive distance, the number of fish, the fullness of a pick-up route, etc., we can pick up your fish, sooner or later. Donors, please, be prepared for a possibly lengthy pick-up waiting period for common and most-donated fish, such as goldfish, unrated (low) quality koi, common pleco, pacu, etc.

Please, do your homework before committing to a pet fish ownership.

Please, do no sell your outgrown fish to the highest bidder without learning of the bidder's qualifications, future tank size your fish will go into, etc. Help stop propagation of cruelty to our beloved pets.

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