Respecful Elder Assistant (North Fort Myers)

offered in person
Showing respect to my elders of former generations in assisting them with the daily / weekly/monthly activities of their lives. Including but not limited to home care, appointment setting, Internet education, social media education, personal shopper, wardrobe updates, language education ex American slang etc,
I have the blessing of being from a family that shaped my life from the influences of ALL generations. My Grandmother was Born in 1906 and lived till 1994! She lived in the house I reside in now ,,it was built for her. The 8 children of my grandmothers were from all walks of life. My mother being the youngest ,, born in 1946 in Lee County and Grew up on Pondella Rd. My mother passed 2 months into the pandemic. I adore my memories and understand the rapid changing and frustration that face us all. I have no ill will. I don't understand how to not respect your elders. All my Uncle's (mother only had brothers) included Two Air force, One Marine, Two Army and they served in The Korean War ,The Cuban Missile crisis etc.
My first memories of life around 1979 I was 4 years of age. I went with mother to the Little House on Pondella road. My grandfather was sick and he could not walk. My mother was my hero watching how she took care of her father. To me it's common place to take care of your family when they get older. In this day and age it's very difficult to trust people. The cost of everything is through the roof and people are working longer hours ....you can call me at any time or email me if you'd like to meet. We can discuss what areas to work with to ease the stresses of time. Thank you

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