AFFORDABLE LAWYER 277-0058 DIVORCE from$195*PROBATE WILLs NO hearings* (Call or text 239-277-0058; All of Florida)

1342 Colonial blvd. Bldg. k 113 near At Mid-Point Bridge

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license info: fbn473261 Member of Florida Bar since 1985
offered in person
offered virtually
239-277-0058 Office phone.
Attorney-drafted divorce cases, *[NO hearings needed for agreed/uncontested divorce, and simple Probate].
PROBATE. Free Consultation.
Attorney-drafted Wills.
Power of Attorney.
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Free Office Consultation.
Attorney-drafted Divorce from $195* includes actual Florida Attorney advice/ actual representation in court papers.
Payment plans available from $95 for uncontested divorce-indigent.
Uncontested divorce. Simple divorce. Signature divorce.

No in-person court appearance needed-for most uncontested or default cases-Florida Attorney processed.
Divorce: non-resident/Out-of-State Spouses and Missing Spouse cases. Default divorce-no hearing needed.
Divorce: Property settlement agreements with actual title transfers and attorney/properly-drafted deeds*.
Divorce Parenting Plans/visitation/child support modifications.
Divorce Pension QDRO's: Qualified Domestic Relations Orders entry [to share marital pensions without IRS tax penalties].

Probate. Estate Administration cases. Free Consultation. Simple Probate-generally no court hearing[s] needed.
Wills and living Wills from $69 - $169.
Free review of Out-of-State Wills.
Power of Attorney. Deeds.
Landlord Evictions.
Payment Plans Available.

You get representation from an Actual Florida Attorney office, not a "paralegal outfit".
Practicing law in Florida since 1985.

Attorney-Drafted Divorce cases and Representation in Agreed Divorce from $195*.
No in-personal court hearings needed/Attorney-assisted uncontested divorce.

Summary Probate from $995*.
Evictions from $395*
Prenuptial Agreements from $195 - $395, [Often needed to prevent your own kids from getting disinherited by your marriage to a new spouse].

Representation in Court-ordered Mediation-Call now [239]277-0058 for information.

Practicing law in Florida since 1985.

*Drafting, costs/judgment entry fee excluded, includes attorney advice/representation.
**Uncontested or agreed divorce, or default divorce.

Attorney M. Andrew Sabol, Esq. 1342 Colonial Blvd. Bldg. K. Fort Myers, FL 33907.
Phone [239] 277-0058. Payment plans available; VISA/MC accepted.

For Free office Consultation call [239]277-0058 or send TEXT.

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