Fender Blues Junior w/ Cannabis Rex Speaker - $449 (FORT MYERS)

condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: fender
model name / number: Fender Blues Junior III
Fender Blues Junior III with ALL the BILLM mods. $1,000 worth of mods. This amp is in great working order. This a better option than buying new. The amp also has an upgraded speaker - Eminence Cannabis Rex. Priced to sell, Make an offer! The mods include:

TO20 Output Transformer: This transformer is designed to improve the amp’s performance and tone. It often comes with push-on connectors.

Power Supply Stiffening Mod: This includes capacitors (such as x1 100μF and x3 22μF F&T capacitors) to enhance power supply stability.

Fixed Bias Mod: This modification involves adding two resistors to lower the power tube bias, which can affect the amp’s overall sound.

Coupling Capacitor Mod: Typically, two 0.022μF capacitors are included to enhance signal coupling between stages.

Additionally, there are more mods, such as Tone Stack Mod, Twin Stack Mod, Filter Cap Upgrades, and Hard-Wired Bias Mod. These modifications significantly impact the amp’s sweet tone, responsiveness, and overall performance.
It’s running on JJ 6v6 power tubes (instead of el84), with an upgraded TP24 power transformer, and an upgraded TO20 output transformer. This runs at 20 watts instead of the stock 15 watts. It has the sparkle mod "S" and the presence mod "P" for more tonal options and to emulate earlier versions of the blues junior. The "octal conversion" + bias board made it so it can now run on 6v6, 5881, or 6L6 power tubes. \

This amp is loud, has excellent cleans and really great preamp breakup.

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