$185,000 / 3br - 1300ft2 - What kind of house would you want FL (Fort myers)

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Many models to choose. This is just a four plex we are building for a customer who asked for art deco design. We can build any type of home. Hurricane season 2024 predicted to be bad. You might think a Modern house is unattractive or you might like the new contemporary look. Dont worry about HOA sending you letters to clean your roof and have a roofer tell you there’s a bunch of broken tiles all of a sudden. In the state of Florida with hurricanes and the extensive heat These houses are the only way to go youll enjoy constant cool temperatures at Affordable electric bills, enjoy insurance premiums that should be reduced 50% because we don’t have anything that can blow off , leak or rot ,damage or allow to penetrate creating mold Everybody is deathly worried about. I think you’ll get used to the concept of these houses with no pressure during hurricane season no worries of doing any claims no concerns of returning back to Florida finding your house with a big blue tarp over it. No, you’ll be enjoying your home as we beat the elements by producing something that should’ve been standed 50 years ago , but many builders stay conventional so they can profit more, however, we are changing that method and letting you profit more for once .Homes built with wood trusses and any kind of roofing material is easily susceptible to damage. The hot weather is increasing and electric is not getting cheaper. People are switching to solar and their roofs are compromised plus solar is still in experimental stages. But our concrete roofs will never be compromised. Our roofs only need paint every 12-20 years. Our homes are a bunker. Your AC hardly runs. That means smaller AC needed and lower bills. How about sound proofing. Termite proof and fire proof. Worried about guns. We are bullet proof with 6” solid concrete walls. My
Prices cannot be beat. Guaranteed. Plus I install generators so you can can enjoy when the storm hits and enjoy your smaller AC that runs. Or you can enjoy one of our salt water pools that come only with our homes. Also built with ICF block. Home of the future. Contractorplusgroup.com
Building with legos on Fox News. See us at the hurricane disaster conference next year to make the change. Local to SWFL and New England. Yes these are awesome for cold weather.( YES THAT IS MY VAN ONTOP OF THE ROOF ). Best home construction at best prices.

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