⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL 🇺🇸 Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics (SW FL 239-888-5375*SMALL*-High SkiLL!*Last Minute!)

⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 1 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 2 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 3 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 4 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 5 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 6 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 7 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 8 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 9 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 10 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 11 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 12 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 13 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 14 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 15 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 16 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 17 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 18 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 19 thumbnail⚡ Mud Scientist⚡DRYWALL   🇺🇸   Repair⚡STUCCO ⚡ PAINTING Text Pics 20 thumbnail
offered virtually
✔️ Reincarnated Plasterer
**Over 140 Years Exp. 🎈
Just Smooth-wall... Boring...

➕ ✖️➗
Save $_$_$ With PHONE BIDs 40+ years in The Mud. Phone Bids Save us Both$$
I am The Owner & Operator; Only Master Finisher Sculptor Prop Builder on my Block.
PHOTO BIDs?; Don't leave out anything Please! Some things don't photograph; well I understand!
Tell Me the general Heights. As general Description, CONCERNS!

" Misc. Nicks, dings, bullet holes, Mold/Mildew ( those Two hang out allot together? )! Holes, meteorite damage... Woodpecker's eating Foam? EFIS enrichments?
Also Include Positive things i.e. t" The floor is or going to be removed!" Or "We'll do the masking" (protection of furniture or door/windows ECT.) Windows are coming Out.
DNA testing showed the kids really His...
You can leave some stuff out.
Glad to hear it though...

If you think that joke around too much?
You're wrong!
If that's your qualifier for a finisher that's fine.
I'm Enjoy my Commissions And Patrons.
And after 45 years plus I'm comfortable enough on your project to be able to do that.

Working on someone's largest investment;
Doing something they're going to look at possibly every day!
Is serious!
I don't want shack runs new construction or a large crew.
I don't want you to do the same thing twice.
I want to be entertained by my projects.
I want the challenging stuff that makes me think.
I want to put together a different parts of different areas in a new way to solve your issues and give you a great work when my product that will last!
Whether it's a fist hole that Jr put in a wall because you took away his video games?
A Honey Dew or Uncle Pete an Overzealous Handi man?
I'll fix it fast affordably and make it look like nothing ever happened!
Any texture in the world master applied 🌎🌍 Any!
Challenge Me I Dare You!
Make Me Think!

I am Rj Towne
The MUD Scientist
Last Minute* High Skill * Emergency 24/7 Masters.
My Team of Igor's And I are Waiting in the Lab Now.

Restless Villager Special THIS WEEK on Lightning and Pitchfork damage

The Good News Is...
"We know that Mud is not Paint!
Now you Know it two!!
The Bad New is Drywall is the Messiest Trade in The Building Industry! I live and bleed Mud and tend to be a realist... We'll certainly "Humor You" and Mask off things that may not really need it.
I virtually don't have to Sand; So dust will be Minimal and if I'm really careful? I'll Still Make a Mess and just Waste Allot of Time...
The Good News is our Muds Come off Virtually Everything! ( Except The Walls!) Of course...
You Say "Clean Is Important!" .. We Mask everything except the Cat! And if he's Slow; He'll get it too! ( Respiratory issues, AC filters, Grand Pianos, And Hard Drive Assembly Clean Rooms might be an exception..?
REMEMBER; We don't have to Sand! ( Except some Smooth Wall!)
That's for Homeowners, Handymen and my "Competition?" I don't do SmoothWall.
Unless it's a part of the overall project?
I was a union drywall taper!
It's not even high skill level it's just a lot of work..!
I know smooth walls popular up north!
But welcome to Southwest Florida for several reasons it's best to put a texture on.
Most of finishes can be applied very lightly almost subliminally and appear flat from only a few feet away.
Ask about other reasons?

Your home is one of your largest investments!? I am sculpting something Your Going to Be Looking at and living with Every Day.
That's Something I take Very Seriously!
There's NO Room for (Daubers) Charlatans In This kraft. I did learn this from Mom on 23 rentals starting at 10.
But I talked to my Any Finisher I could convince I wasn't a threat! I had a ol plasterer in Everett WA. that I'd call From Bremerton (60 Miles away) who would Tell Me Secrets of the Craft.
He was semi-retired Proud of His trade. And Like me; Loved to talk Mud!

I Hit the Books. Hit the Wall; hit up any Finisher You Hire or Work With! Stay Currant in Codes i.e. Green board has some Wax add mixed in for water resistance..
But is illegal in Many States to use on the Lid; it softens during a fire and Can Cave In one First Responders or even the Malingering Home owner or his Slow Cat .
Lot of Chemistry in Plaster and Stucco. I am a Union Taper! But it is Boring Compared to Restoration a Remodel! Most require Plastering Skills and an illusionist approch to lighting.
Hot Muds are Plaster!
You Won't find that on the package? Put simply I see the Systems That Fail. And WHY! There's A Hundred Ways to Do My Trade! Ten of them Are RIGHT...
One Of Them is Mine..!
A Plasterer Can Do DryWall; Like a Dancer Can Walk. A pilot Can Drive.

If you're having a problem with your project and just want to ask some questions?
No problem.
YouTube's loaded with some great advice and videos.
But usually I end up laughing my ass off at some of the systems these guys are trying to put across...
There's a hundred ways to do your walls and these repairs!
10 of them are even right!
Call talk mud make me think I'll make you laugh.

Fun Stuff!!!
Sculpture 🪨 Boulders 🎨 Painting INT/EXT- Faux Finish
Murals* Marbleizing * Woodgraining * Granite -Sandstone Faux or Sculpture!
Small-Jobs* Emergency Drywall\Plaster|Stucco Hang *Tape*Texture
Phone BIDs - Text Pics
~~~~~~~~ ▒█▬ NASTY STUFF
SHAKERS * Mold * Mildew
(We Can Make You House PoP!)

Hang, Tape , Lathing, Stucco 💎🌊ANY TEXTURE Custom✋ Textures
Custom Stucco Bands

Hand Finish or Spray! 💎🌊


Any finish transformed to any finish!

What more could you want?

I have over 40 years Patching and matching finishes for all the Major insurance companies and Service Master and Serve-Pro.
I am the one that Makes UGLy Houses Beautiful For
"We Buy UGLy Houses!"
If your Changing-Out Windows Or Sliders? Installing Hurricane Glass?
I Can do both Sides of That Wall!
Matched Perfectly!

If your Tearing Out Tray Ceilings, Soffits, Removing Walls?
My Plastering Skills Are Needed for "Floating Out" the Transitions on the
High Side..!
And Blend That Finish Perfectly!
I Am A Sculptor!
Mediums: Plaster, Gypsum Latex.(Always in a fun way...) Poly's, Resins, Casting and Mold fabrication. Silicone, latex.
Sculpture Repair (Alterations?!)
Gilded Clay Frames..!
Faux Finishes, Scagliola ( Venetian Plaster) I can see why they renamed it...
Free Form Sculpture. (want a fiberglass Jaw's Jurassic Park skull?)
Fake 🪨 Boulders. Lite weight plastic. ( Motorcycle cover.. )
Permanent Stucco Based. Great for covering utility boxes in yard.
Just a shell facing view sides.. as access is needed ofcourse. Cooling...
Dog House? See the look when Fide Comes charging Out of it Giant piece of? Coral, Granite, Sandstone.
With built in heatin/cooling... Motion sensers, cameras, water spout (hose bib) pressure Washer stashed Away for convenience and protection.
Stereo Rock? Solar AC?
Numatic Controls... ( That's where Disney has them for Hypos And boning Lian's head's on jungle Ride!)
Don't ask how I know?
What Do You Want? Pump House Boulder, Entry Way Address stones that cover the Dangerous hole in driveway Edges? ( The wife will see this!)
And it can be mostly Foam..!) In case She doesn't..!)
We'll have some fun.!
Your house is My Armature....
Your House is a Sculpture!
Oh yeah.
Drywall* Plaster * Stucco
Int. Ext. Painting.

Small Jobs - ANY SIZE;
Last Minute;
EMERGENCY Drywall, Plaster, Stucco, Int/Exterior Painting, Repair, Redo, or Refinish. Hanging, Tape, Finish Any Texture in The World-
Matched or Applied!
Including Popcorn... Removal Or If Your Living In THE 80s? Full popcorn 🍿 Application..!
If you don't want to scrape it off? I can blend in to match! Same with the ever tricky... Knock Down Brocade Spray.
Orange Peel... Don't get me going!
Mexican Skip Trowel? That's the most Common Finish on Drywall in SW Florida! Looks like thin.. irregular pancakes with hair dragged across; it is simply unremarkable in any athletic way! But it's fast and low skill... Hides allot...easy to maintain...! Innocuous!

Sculptor/Artist - R.Jay Towne

I take Your schedule very seriously! I may have to work late or start late to get you in the proper "set" but I don't mind if you don't. I am more likely to be found on a job at 8Pm, then 8AM...
I am gratified as an Artist to find this Venue of Creative Release. 🎈
High Skill/Last Minute 24/7 Plaster*Drywall*Stucco*Painting Outfit
Custom Hand Finishes
Can Match or Apply ANY TEXTURE In The WORLD!
Hanging, Taping, Faux Finish, Venetian Plaster.
Sculpture Repair and New Sculpture!
Statues, Boulders; Small Water Features, security Camera Props; Prop-Building, Sets...
Mediums include- all malable metals, fiberglass resin, Portland cement Combinations, Plastics & foam. Glass and mirror sandblasting ie portraits, tattoo artwork, photographic rendition. Free form!
Carrot cake (once!)
Call and talk over any project you have a question about. No obligation, I love to talk MUD. Rj Towne Any texture or finish in the WORLD Occupied home remodel. and disaster work-smokers, shakers, soakers, is where I excel. I can match or apply ANY finish or change any finish to any other finish. I have dozens of hand finishes that are my signature textures i.e. The "Velvet Bag Stomp", "Cosmic Starburst", "Sunburst"; "California Skip Trowel", "Spare Change" and "Tiger Shark". My "knock down Brocade" is exceptional! My "Orange Peel" is average (the texture is average) so actually I do an exceptional average! I see a lot of those spray texture cans they sell,; at patches I'm called out on. Orange peel has a hundred variations..!
Have an ugly acoustic/popcorn ceiling? we can help replace or patch?
Replacing it ads more value by far the the scrape and Upgrading of the Finish. A light lacey California Skip Trowel texture is Beautiful in it Cohesive Randomness. It is a "Timed knock Down Finish"
We apply the Pattern... Then let it firm up a bit...4... 6...8 Even 15 Minute Sets.
Then we evenly Knock it Down with a Trowel or Blade. Essentially setting a New Level with some of The Old Level still showing for Depth or contrast.
It's Beautiful... Hides allot of defects (Like sagging Sheetrock between joist! ) Often from water Damage of Humidity...
Now I have Two rare Finishes that I have developed over 40 Years.
The Starburst: Usually Radiating out from a Ceiling Fixture (Fans are Complimentary to the Pattern!) Radiating out like fiery spokes: The effect makes a Room feel Bigger...
I've had people tell me "There houses Sold... Because of these textures!"
And the Split Splat Finish for walls; can be defined as a vertical... Tangled Bamboo forest...Pressed Between the pages of a huge book.
It is also a knock Down.
These finishes are often lighter in Baths... Kitchens...Laundry room.
Most texture don't photograph well or honestly.
I can often do a live demo on a part of your wall or ceiling..
Or bring Demo b

We specialize in furnished or occupied homes, so no need to move your furniture! we will move all furnishings for you. If needed!

Sanding is never needed for any of the hand Finishes!!!

With 40+ years in the trade we have the process down to a science and can remove and re-texture most homes in a few days...

If your problem was a roof leak?
We Have a team Available to Follow!

If it was a pipe leaking?
We have a Journeyman Plumber
(That we love to follow!) Available.

If it was a wall, our suggestion is to build it back using the concrete board or green rock and use a liquid waterproofing membrane to be applied like paint on the wall before re-tiling the surround. A membrane will thoroughly protect the wall in case there is water intruding any time in the future.

If this seems more daunting a task than you’re up to, then give us a Call The Wallsculptor -R.Jay Towne

Send pics on Smaller Projects for Phone Estimates!
We will come to your location for a
free inspection and quote

Plaster * Drywall * Stucco * Painting
water damage restoration
We are available 24/7

Let's get stuff done.

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Don't read Further Please!

I asked nicely...

Ignore this; Meta Tag!

I asked you to ignore this...

It's just for search parameters ;
We don't do most of this!
DO Not read on!!!

Read on- I don't think I want to work on your muddy little job now....

We love following plumbers; doing plumbing upgrades, the electrician doing electrical - I told you to ignore this! wiring upgrades, roofer doing roof repair and roofing. Clumsy AC guys tripping over insulators that were trying to insulate, when the cable guy came along. Maybe he had his concrete or pool buddy come up in attic for a cold one. The tile guy joined them and they fell through the ceiling or wall. Now it needs repaired even caulked and paints. Perhaps pressure washed first. Pest control guys chasing a giant cockroach can cause a drywall ruckus. Window guys, door guys, remodel, restoration.

SMALL Jobs!!
Keep it Clean.

We love following plumbers; doing plumbing upgrades, the electrician doing electrical - wiring upgrades, roofer doing roof repair and roofing. Clumsy AC guys tripping over insulators that were trying to insulate, when the cable guy came along. Maybe he had his concrete or pool buddy come up in attic for a cold one. The tile guy joined them and they fell through the ceiling or wall. Now it needs repaired even caulked and paints. Perhaps pressure washed first. Pest control guys chasing a giant cockroach can cause a drywall, plaster, stucco ruckus...
Plasterer, plaster, drywall, sheetrock, stucco, window, , , porch, pool, block, band, texture, knock down , orange peel, skip Trowel, starburst, split splat, plaster, scagliola,
Thin wall plaster. Any finish Texture

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