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For over a decade we have manufactured mobile inflatable workstations and paint booths. We tested. You tested. We listened. We re-engineered. We tested again. And now we are releasing our new designs in both our PROFESSIONAL and HOBBYIST series. If things like: Air Changes, Air Velocity, Proper Air Flow, Over Spray Removal, Booth Sizing, Positive Pressure, Negative Pressure, Balance, Efficiency, Safety, Proper Intake/Exhaust Filter Efficiency/Sizing, Reasonably Priced, NFPA 701 Certified Materials, EPA 40 Part 63 Subpart 6H Compliant Filtration, OSHA Ventilation and Air-Flow Compliant, and Custom matter to you................. We need to talk!

Thank you for considering AIMISol for your purchase of a portable, inflatable automotive paint booth. In researching inflatable paint booths you have no doubt come across numerous manufacturers. Why is our booth the one you should purchase? Very simply put, it is our design, function, safety, and customer service. We have been manufacturing mobile inflatable booths for several years for a variety of industries with much success. During that time we have listened to you, our customer. Whether you are a professional restorer, collision shop, mobile paint refinisher, mobile detailer, or automotive enthusiast. We have listened to your feedback and have adjusted our design to improve our product. In fact, we have some users with decades of experience in the professional automotive restoration industry now on staff as advisors and salespeople. We encourage you to ask them as many questions as you would like before buying our booth. We want you to be an informed buyer. Not to mention, our expert staff will be there for you before AND after the sale.


Nearly all portable, inflatable paint booths on the market today have several flaws that have not seemed to have been corrected over the years. Most glaring of which is the fact that they simply do not remove overspray efficiently, and some not at all! Why is that a problem? There are dozens of reasons. Safety being one. Lingering overspray saturation provides an environment that can cause combustion if exposed to a spark or flame. Overspray will cause surface contamination, a rough finish, and numerous other issues with the clarity and quality of the paint. Environmental issues with the overspray not being collected properly. We could go on and on. What is the cause of these problems? The short answer is the design of the booth. Their design produces minimal air movement, causing very few air changes! Most inflatable booths rely on forced air from a blower into a “pressurized” area at one end of paint booth. Once full, the air simply filters through their poorly designed intake filters into the working area of the paint booth. The air then “flounders” through the main work area of the booth until it reaches any exit to less “pressurized” air. For most designs this means simply exiting through two side panels that are comprised of a carbon filter of sorts. Hardly effective or efficient. Basically, a poorly designed positive pressure system. This is one of the many areas where our design is far superior. We base our booth on the cross-draft system used in stationary booths combined with a positive pressure system. For decades, the cross-draft stationary paint booth was the industry standard in the automotive paint world. Even today, that same process of drawing air through the paint booth via a tube axial fan is considered very practical, reliable, and preferred by many. Of course there are many variations of the cross-draft that have appeared. There are down-draft, side-down-draft and others. So, we had taken that proven design, modified it, and applied it to our inflatable booth. With what outcome? A slightly positive pressure inflatable paint booth that actually can be used as a paint booth, a workstation, or whatever your need is! On one end of our booth you will find two large blowers which force air the the large intake filters. Intake filters that exceed requirements for efficiency, capture rate, and air flow. On the other end of the booth, the end where you bring your project into the booth, you will find two large tube axial exhaust fans attached to exhaust filters. Once again, exhaust filters that exceed capture efficiency and flow requirements. This properly designed combination based on the math coupled with real world testing translates into excellent air flow, exceptional fpm, and exceptional air change rates. The advanced technology that we have incorporated into our inflatable design is second to none!

Our cross-draft design is certainly not the only advantage that makes our booth so much more desirable. Another attribute of our design is our sheer size. Have you ever noticed that other manufacturers seem to have a problem stating the real, usable, interior dimensions of their booth? Why is that? They do not want you to know that when you pull your project into the booth, you are not going to be able to walk around it without bumping into walls and tripping over your project! Who designed their booths? Certainly not real painters! Our standard paint booth's clear interior dimensions are: 26 feet long X 16 feet 4 inches wide X 10 feet high (in center of the booth, 8 feet 2 inch opening height). These are interior clearance dimensions, not exterior dimensions! This means you have a very large work area. The exterior dimensions of our standard booth are: 26 feet 3 inches long X 20 feet wide X 11 feet 9.5 inches high. We can also build you a custom made to order booth, nearly any size you need, large or small.


Your safety is our concern. All materials used in the construction of our booths are NFPA 701 Certified. Our booths filtration exceed requirements of 98% capture efficiency and OSHA airflow regulations. If anything should ever happen where you need to evacuate the booth quickly, we have several walls clearly marked as emergency exits. Simply pull on the labeled strap and the wall will remove so you can evacuate to safety!


Our standard booth provides 5 access panels located near the bottom of the booth for bringing in airline hoses and the like!

Our standard booth also has 20 straps located where the ceiling columns meet the side columns and down the center of the booth to hang items from. *Weight limits apply.

*Please note. Not every option offered may be acceptable in every location per local codes. The buyer assumes all responsibility and liability to ensure that the booth meets compliance within their locality.


Here are just a few:

Space savings. Our booths are inflatable which means they are not taking up the floor space that can be used for other projects as is the case with a typical stationary booth.

Cost savings. Our booths are thousands of dollars less then other comparable inflatable booths and many thousands less then a traditional stationary booth.

Ease of use. Our booths can be completely set-up and ready to be painted in within ten minutes. Yes. Ten minutes. That includes fan set up! Tear-down is just as easy!

Fully portable. Our booths are designed to take with you! If you are a detailer, a mobile autobody repair person or the like, this booth will work for you!

Our booths are an excellent option for a professional shop looking for a portable booth when their stationary booth is full or space is limited. Or they can simply use it as a workstation! They are also an outstanding choice for the mobile paint repair professional or mobile detail professional so that you can offer your services to any dealer, shop, or customer, confident in knowing you have an ideal, consistent, and clean environment to work in. And, at our pricing, it is certainly worth considering if you are an enthusiast that likes to do all their own work or even a group of enthusiast friends looking to do their own projects and would like to share the initial purchase! So many options!


The booth. A 1.5hp 110/220v paint booth inflation blower. 2 intake blowers. 2 explosion proof tube axial fans. 2 pvc ducts for the tube axial fans. All intake and exhaust filters. A carry bag. A repair patch kit. 8 ropes for tie down. 8 sandbags for tie down.

Prices start at $3400 for our Hobbyist booth in the size mentioned above. Professional Series start $4600 for the size mentioned above. Prices include shipping to your door. Custom sizes and options are available. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Todd @ Eight Zero Two Six Seven Three Zero Nine Four One.

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